Thin pliable walls stretched to the limit,
No vapour, or ether-
Not even a thought holding it all together
There at the end of a string,
Tethered to the edge of space-
Not quite free, but somehow dislodged-
able to drift
Quite contained in its own small space.

Writers Undercover, The Cambridge Writers Collective: 2004

Evolution (and a block)

Seared heart
Splintered prayer
Broken vows
And shattered dreams

All other thought escaped
Through rents in pain.

No shouts
No wails
No whispers
Mark this passing

Just a shuddering sigh.

Complete emptiness

Fills the space where
"What to do next?"
Is written.
Overwhelming despair
Makes me stumble

At the doorstop

Unlocking The Muse, A Canadian Anthology of Verse: 2004 and Verse Afire, The Ontario Poetry Society: 2006